Renting warehouse space from SupplySource is the most economical method of storage.

Sometimes, through the course of day-to-day business, a temporary off-site “refuge” for excess furniture and other assets becomes necessary to ensure the functionality of your organization and to maintain the quality of your investments. Renting warehouse space from SupplySource is the most economical method of temporary storage, due to the high price of office real estate. Furniture, artwork, and office electronics require secure, homeostatic environments to ensure the goods are not damaged or disturbed while in storage. Our warehouse facilities are climate-controlled and have a security system to eliminate these potential storage pitfalls. While in storage, assets are strategically protected to reduce any damage damage that could potentially be caused by dirt, dust, material handling equipment, movement ofinventories, congested storage space, etc. Precautionary measures include shrink-wrapping, palletizing, blanket-wrapping, and mstoring assets in the appropriate storage racking system.

Our web-based platform, Asset Inventory Management (AIM) tracks your asset movement to and from our warehouse. It also enables you to obtain a current list of inventory and other reports instantly via a secure internet portal. This technology, coupled with our network of storage facilities across Central Pennsylvania, means you can easily control all of your assets while facilitating the sharing of resources across your organization.

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  • Short-Term Storage
  • Long-Term Storage
  • Storage Trailer Rentals
  • Inspection and Assessment of All Inbound Shipments
  • Web-Based Inventory Tracking
  • Inventory Usage Analysis
  • Furniture Delivery and Distribution
  • AIM Training
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